Greetings from Ischia!

Your very own Miss Expatria is posting from her hotel balcony in Ischia, Italy!  I’m watching the sunset over Mount Epomeo and smelling the bougainvillea from the courtyard below.

Jax is in town – that town still being Rome – and although she loves playing burraco and vegging out with the Gay Mafia, she wanted a vacation from her vacation.  So, she booked us at Hotel Europa, we got on a train in the pouring rain at Termini, and away we went to Napoli.  From Napoli Centrale – always a pleasure, she says through gritted teeth – we took a taxi to the boat, and a boat to Ischia.

It’s absolutely lovely here. This makes the third time I have ventured into the Bay of Naples – the first time being my Procida, one of my favorite trips of all time; the second time for a day on Capri, which frankly is more than enough time there; and now, Ischia – we are staying at Ischia Ponte, near the enormous castle that dominates the skyline on this side of the island.

We had lunch with a view of the sea, and then headed to the stabilimento on the beach, where we rented chairs and an umbrella.  Oh, and we bought beach towels!  This is the first time I have owned a real for true large plush beautiful beach towel in probably 20 years.  I feel so grown-up and beachy.  We napped, chatted, and watched an extremely handsome, bathing-suit-clad man shovel sand for about an hour straight.  An altogether lovely day.

We’re heading out tonight to via Luigi Manzella here on the Ponte.  After some quick research, we saw that that’s where most of the restaurants seem to be.  You can be sure to see a restaurant review soon!  And pix of The Shoveler, of course.


One thought on “Greetings from Ischia!

  1. Bring on the pics, girl! I’ve missed your posts greatly, and here you are, sitting on a balcony enjoying the sunset.

    Glad to hear you’re having a good time!!

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