Glamorpuss: Made of Honor Premiere in Rome

I’m not easily impressed by glitz and glamour. 

While I’ve never been famous, as a kid I lived in the public eye for a few years while traveling around the country with two national tours of Annie.  (No, I wasn’t Annie.  Yes, it was fun.) I met a lot of very famous people, and many times – on press junkets, in interviews, on  TV – was treated like a famous person.

Because of that, I saw famous people as being no different than I – after all, if I was getting the same treatment, how important could they be? I treated them with respect, but they never seemed untouchable to me.  In the years (decades?!) since that experience, I’ve met many more famous people – being one of the Priveleged Poor in New York will put you in those kinds of situations – and while I’ve enjoyed being in the swirl of glitz and glamour, I’ve never been giggly-googly-eyed.  Except for that one time with Adam Yauch, but he’s a Beastie Boy for chrissakes – I’m not made of stone, people.

But I digress.  As usual.

Last night, when Mr. Apricot and I were on Marco’s sofa chatting and becoming sleepy, he asked me to tell him my favorite part of the evening we had just had together with our friends.  The first thing I thought of – actually, the thing I couldn’t stop thinking of – was that I had walked the red carpet.

I walked the red carpet! 

Mr. Apricot’s friend Teresa, who is a cute, funny, cool chick, works for something or another and scored us invites to the Made of Honor premiere at the spectacular Warner Village Moderno (check out that pic).  We arrived to a drummer and bagpipe player, many bright lights, and on a red carpet strewn with fake rose petals and bordered by a white picket fence, I entered the theater complex about a minute behind my friends (we had gotten separated).

It was thrilling.  No one took my picture; in fact, I think I ruined the picture of the famous people in front of me, because I had to keep stopping and stepping out of the way of their frame, and finally I just barged ahead and had a typical “Aho! Maghegazzovuoi” moment with the paparazzi until the famous people behind me grabbed their attention.

Patrick Dempsey and Michelle Monaghan came into the theater to say a few words, and we got a good long look at them (OK, just at him, obvs) as we were in the second row.

Patrick Dempsey is SO HOT.  Wowzers.

The movie was predictable.  It was nice to see the male lead showing gratuitous skin instead of the female lead; but in the end, it was still about the guy getting his way. The guy from HBO’s Rome was in it. I enjoyed pointing out to Marco where I lived freshman year of college.

When we left the theater afterwards to the same lights, music, pomp and circumstance, Teresa and I laughed our way right down the red carpet, as all of the famous poeple were long gone and all that remained were tourists craning to get a look at who we were.

We went for pizza afterward. Attention tourists!  Gallina Bianca is a restaurant near Termini that serves good food.



6 thoughts on “Glamorpuss: Made of Honor Premiere in Rome

  1. I saw Chuck Norris at a Jeff Dunham comedy show. We had better seats than he did. 😉

    I saw Sinbad on the escalator at a shopping mall. We were going up. Some girls were going down and were pointing (I thought) at me and gasping. I turned around and saw him, gave him a nod and said “Sup?” Yeah, I’m that cool.

    I envy your meeting of Adam Yauch. Of all the Boys, he’s the one I’d most like to meet. I don’t have a clue what I’d say to him, though.

    Oh, and I met Douglas Adams at a book signing. Got my copy of “Mostly Harmless” autographed. I was tongue-tied.

  2. Sometimes I think your postings are all written simply to make me jealous. I live in smallish town and get starstruck very easily, and walking the red carpet might have done me in. My sister totally would have handled it like a pro, though.

    I used to have a really big crush on Ethan Hawke, back in the day. WAY back. Please tell me he’s a pretentious jerk or smells like burned toast or something. It will help me leave him in the past.

  3. Cher? She’s damaged the culture more than Michael Bolton, John Tesh, and Yanni combined. Aren’t there some Geneva Conventions left that cover this sort of thing?

  4. MattG: Homeboy, throw in the towel…

    Other MattG LOL: He smells. I’ll post pix of the scene at the premiere soon!

    Blogenfreude: She sucks at singing, but she is one cool chick. She was very, very nice to us.

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