Update! New Old Stuff Found In The Garden!

Remember when I wrote about the cool stuff Leo and Vincenzo found in their garden?

Well, the other day I went over and let myself in the house with my guest key. Everything was open, so I knew they must be home, but I didn’t see anyone. I walked out to the garden and there they were, waist-deep in a hole they were digging, coming up with new things every time – or should I say, very, very old things.

This is what it looked like when they removed the rosemary bush, per my previous post:

By the time I had come over that day, they had revealed this:

From left to right: A stone wall; the base of a Roman column; and another large stone block that none of us could figure out what it was there for.

For a perspective, I had Leo stand next to the base:

They also found sampietrini, terracotta vase handles, bits of marble, and a whole bunch of other amazing stuff:

Vincenzo asked me, “How do you feel being a guest at your own private archaeological dig?”

“Like Indiana Jones,” I replied.


3 thoughts on “Update! New Old Stuff Found In The Garden!

  1. Miss Ex? You are KILLING me!

    Your boys are probably seeing all this stuff as a mildly interesting discovery, not to be fussed over. If I was there I’d be on my hands and knees in the hole cooing “OOH! A rock! I wonder if it’s part of an old palace? And another rock! I’ll bet this is from Cesear’s day! And there’s a rock over there too! WHOA!”

    I’m just going to sit here and look at the pictures with my arms folded and a big HARRUMPH on my face.

  2. Supermatt, I knew you’d just die when you saw these pix. To be honest, though, they were freaking out and excited. But they covered it all back up again because they didn’t know what to do with all the dirt they displaced!!!!

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