I’m Thoroughly Amused.

I have been hating on the New York Times recently.  Everything I’ve read in the last year or so just strikes me as too, too precious and white collar for my tastes.  Granted, they are writing for a particular demographic; but as they say, there are 8 million stories in the naked city, and it’s be nice if the Newspaper of Record would write about them.

I just read one of them, and it made me laugh – if only because it’s nice to see someone embracing their obsessions, as I have bene known to do on more than one occasion.  (Go on!  Ask me about Watergate!)

Anyway, Dan Glickman told Joan Raymond some amusing anecdotes about his obsession with flying, airplanes and such, and I encourage you to have a chuckle at Mr. Glickman’s expense.  If anything, it shows me he is much more of an actual human being than his completely crap predecessor.


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