Saturday Photo Post: My Rome

This is the building to the left of Termini train station, if you’re facing the architecturally fascist facade.  The stormy sky broke for a minute and shed some serious light on it.  No one seemed to notice it but me! 

This is where Marco takes me after he picks me up at the train station.  I always have a latte macchiato and a tramezzino.  We sit and chat and look at the Colosseum and smoke cigarettes and get caught up on everything.  My time in Rome does not start until after we leave this bar.

Marco showing the proper way to drink from the city’s water fountains.

This is where Vincenzo and I take Pepino sometimes on his walks.  It’s a little park that’s never crowded.  The center of it has a secluded little sitting area; this is the entrance to that area.

This is the little path we take from one side of the aquaduct to the other, to get to that park.  It cuts through someone’s property and I’m not even sure it has a name.  It takes you from Ye Oldeste Roma to a neighborhood of modern-ish apartment buildings and stores and such.  It’s quite strange, like moving through another dimension.  I can’t think of two bordering neighborhoods that are more different than these.

This is my founatin in my piazza – Piazza Madonna di Monti, off via dei Serpenti behind via Cavour (yes, I do make it into the center of town every once in a while).  I saturated the color to show how it looks in my mind.


3 thoughts on “Saturday Photo Post: My Rome

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  2. Awesome shots, as usual. If I had been with you in the first picture I would have noticed it too. I love that kind of light and it always catches me.
    Plus, the fountain photo? Awesome!

  3. I love that…sorry ‘your’ piazza too. There are some nice wine bars around there, and Via Urbana too which is such a gorgeous street.

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