A Stone By Any Other Name

I’ve been following Vincenzo and Leo’s progress as they work in their garden, as you’ve seen in some earlier photos.  I have no doubt that millions of homeowners in the northern hemisphere are doing similar projects in their own gardens and terraces.  However,  an errant clunk or thump from the tip of the spade at Leo and Vincenzo’s house can mean anything from a piece of stubborn rock to a Roman sarcophogus.  Who’s to say?

Their home is located on Roman ruins; the existing structures date back to the Renaissance.  The house to the left was the main palazzo; Leo and Vincenzo’s house were the stables; the neighbors to the right live in the former servants’ quarters.  Those neighbors recently found a door in the basement that leads to an enormous room, most likely used as a storage area for pantry goods.  This room is old – OLDE – but the Belle Arti of Rome, who’s in charge of looking into such things, have not been granted access to the home to investigate further.  The old couple that lives there won’t let them past the front door.

Now, onto Vince and Leo’s house.

You might remember this photo, taken a few weeks ago.

They recently moved that enormous rosemary bush seen in the lower right hand corner, to in front of the tree that in this picture is to the right of the steps.  While digging up the bush, they found:

Leo thinks this marble is “only” from the 1800s.  They also unearthed:

This would be the base of a column dating back to the Roman era.  It was underneath the rosemary bush.  Now, this portion of the garden looks like this:

The Roman column base is in the foreground, with the rosemary bush in front of the tree back there.

I’m all excited about this discovery – but Leo and Vincnzo, two Capricorns if there ever were, take it all in stride during our early evening cocktail:


4 thoughts on “A Stone By Any Other Name

  1. Are these two dudes gay or just extremely Euro-hot?

    Also: Big ups to international Capricorns. We’re wicked awesome, w00t, etc.

  2. Look! That “new” marble block is broken in two! I could totally have half of it and no one would mind! It’s just begging for a place in my home! It needs to see the New World and the sunny shores of a place called Callifornia!


    PS. Your Roman gays are indeed hot.

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