Living The Slow Life: Rome

Jeez, I have GOT to get back on schedule here. I’m working on several really interesting travel posts, I swear – and I’m really excited to share them with my faithful readers! I’ve also discovered some amazing places a bit north of Rome that will have their own posts. (I just need to know where exactly we were – they usually just stick me in the car and take me with them, and then when we get there and I’m passing out from the beauty, I’m not paying attention to anything they’re saying.)

But, for the moment, I am proud to announce that I have FINALLY FINISHED ORGANIZING MY PICTURES.

You know what that means, don’t you, my little chickadees?


I’m so fortunate to have friends who welcome me with open arms as they patiently wait for me to move back to Rome.  Here are some pix of my Rome, which should help you realize why the city has stolen my heart and is holding it for ransom until I can come back for good.

Bianca wants to know what I’m working on.

Lunchtime!  The lemon in the water pitcher comes from just a few feet away:

Limoncello also comes from this tree.  Yum.

I  realized something crucial was missing from that table pic above.  Sorry!

Orange flowers and comfy hammock.  Naptime!

Vincenzo just laid these stones the other day and did an awesome job.  Bianca also seems to approve.

Bianca is not the only creature at the house.  Pepino gets plenty of love, too.  He jumped in their car while they were in Marche on vacation last year, and refused to get out.  It’s the best decision that dog ever made.

Another garden shot.  On the left in the background?  That would be an aquaduct.  My other friend’s house is built into it, just down the road on the other side of the street.


3 thoughts on “Living The Slow Life: Rome

  1. Citrus plants have the most amazing fragrance on their blooms – there is an essence of vanilla, a creamy air to their scent. I have a lemon tree. My love for the fruit equals that for the blossoms. And the leaves are pretty. Really, quite perfect trees.

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