Paris Flea Markets: Best Description Ever

Stuff White People Like is a funny, scathing look at the things people of a certain kind hold dear. Their newest feature, White Spots, talks about places around the world that White People Like. The newest features the best description of the flea market in Paris – LE MARCHÉ AUX PUCES for you Frenchies – I’ve ever read:

Proper Things to Say about It:

“I think one of the greatest regrets of my life is that I was at the Paris flea market and there was this beautiful table/chair/painting/cup/sword, and I thought that I would find another one like it back home. Well, ten years later and I still haven’t found it. Quel Dommage.”

That is so full of win. Make sure you check it out, and then take a look at The Full List of Stuff White People Like to see your favorite food, event, object or person pointedly skewered.


3 thoughts on “Paris Flea Markets: Best Description Ever

  1. There’s another post about some guy who uses his iPhone at the fish counter to determine the most environmentally-correct fish. I like to protect the environment too, but shouldn’t someone drop a house on that dope?

  2. I saw that! Can you imagine being the fish monger talking to that guy? I’d hit him over the head with a halibut.

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