Train Travel: Frozen in Time

When your dear Miss Expatria lived in New York, she had many occasions to arrive into, depart from, drink in, watch squash tournaments in, and walk through magnificent Grand Central Station.

When I had a moment – which wasn’t often, seeing as how I was a New Yorker and therefore always running late – I loved gazing up at the constellations painted on the main concourse’s vaulted ceiling or listening to the echoes bouncing off the marble.

Two facts I happen to know about Grand Central but am much too lazy to source:

1. The way the constellations are arranged have led some to believe that they’re backwards, but in fact they are painted from the point of view of being above them and looking down onto the heavens.

2. When the eastern staircase was built during the main concourse’s renovation in the 90s, they reopened the limestone quarry in Tennessee from whence the original attached wall came.

Bonus fact! If you and a friend stand in opposing corners outside the lower level entrance to the Oyster Bar, face the wall Blair Witch style (03:52) and whisper, you can hear each other perfectly.

All of this is to say: You should watch this incredible public event.


2 thoughts on “Train Travel: Frozen in Time

  1. i loved it!

    i think it might be the same people who did the thing where hundreds of people dressed in the bright blue shirts and beige pants of the Best Buy employees, and infiltrated it as just browsing customers. and the same group who had cell phones going off to the tune of a symphonic piece in rounds in st. mark’s bookstore.

    thanks for posting the link!

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