My Friend Sheila’s House

I’ve been cheating with photo posts recently, but it’s been a hell of a time here in Montpel and I just can’t seem to block off the time I need to do my proper posts. But I have an ever-growing list of fun things, so I’ll be back next week with even more fabulous solid advice and juicy travel tidbits for all my readers!

One of my tasks during the day and sometimes at night is to walk Merlin, a lovable dog who is awaiting all his vaccinations before he can join his mom Louise in England. He’s staying at Sheila’s house, as I’ve described earlier:

Sheila lives in an enormous converted garage with up to five of her children from three relationships (one of which ended last year) at any given time, along with cats, rabbits, relatives from Glasgow, maybe an exchange student or two, and her massage therapist tantric boyfriend who recently took her on a bizarre and trying pilgrimage to Mexico. Anytime you go to her house there are meals being prepared or eaten, games being played, fights being settled, someone is searching for a barrette or a sandal or a beloved crayon, someone else is painting the bathroom, and there is Sheila in the middle of it all, asking you if you’re sure you don’t want a glass of wine, oh and please smoke yer fags out on the terrace. Her insanely difficult life would bring any one of us to our knees, but she shows up – always late – and just laughs about it all.

Sheila’s house has been empty these last few days – although there might be a house guest sleeping somewhere inside, Sheila wasn’t sure when I spoke with her – so I’m sneaking you in the door and letting you take a look around the world’s coolest house.


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