Best Cruise Ever, If You’re Me

The Love Boat For Policy Wonks, by Henry Alford in the New York Times.

The 460 of us — about a fourth of the ship’s passengers — were welcomed at a cocktail party held poolside on the Lido Deck. Two things quickly became clear here. First, the diversity and intellectual accomplishments of the 460 were fairly staggering — included among the Nation readers who paid $1,991 to $8,657 for the cruise were many academics, several judges, a founder of The Chronicle of Higher Education, a scientist who worked on the Manhattan Project, a retired Army major, a steel company vice president, a former drug trafficker, four granddaughters aged 15 to 22, State Representative Mike Boland of Illinois, the public health expert Dr. Quentin Young and the feminist author Marilyn French. Second, many of the so-called cruisers were unhappy that the 2000 election spoiler Ralph Nader was on board.

“If he’s assigned to my table at dinner,” a pixielike retired Californian in her 60s told me as she downed her third cocktail, “I’m going to switch tables.”

Seriously? This cruise is now second only to the Global Scavenger Hunt on my list of best novelty vacations EVER. So many amazing trips to take, so not independently wealthy!


One thought on “Best Cruise Ever, If You’re Me

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    I am currently travelling so, for this reason, I’ve nothing better to do than surf the web for holiday info,lie around or update my blog. Looking forward to reading more from you.

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