I Kango. You Kango, Too!

Well, well, well. It looks as though your very own Miss Expatria has made some sort of list!

The Happy Hotelier has included me in a list of travel blogs based on my Technorati ranking. I’m way far down on that list, but I’m on it. Yay!

This prompted another site to contact me regarding their blog – and that’s what I want to talk about today.

I love travel blogs; I could get lost in them for hours. There are so many out there that make for great reading – and nothing beats getting the insider scoop on your favorite places. When I want to know about a place, I skip the sponsored sites and go straight to my blog peeps. But, it can be hard to Google, say, “living in Venice” and weed out the hotel sites, the apartment rental sites, and all manner of ephemera to get to the good stuff – blogs from people who live there and can give me a real feel for a place with a side order of juicy tips only a local can know about.

That’s why I am currently in love with Kango. It’s a blog about travel, and within those posts on the main page are three categories – Family Vacations, Pet-Friendly Travel and Romantic Travel.

That’s pretty cool, even though two of those three categories don’t apply to me – and sorta reminds me of how I have divvied up my own blog. But that’s not what I love about Kango.

It’s their travel blog search engine.

That’s right, fellow travel addicts – now you have a place to go to find out about your favorite destinations – without the Trip Advisor links, the luxury apartment rental ads, or the “living in Venice and discount Viagra” dead-ends. They’re adding new blogs every day – including mine, full disclosure – so you can feel free to contact them with your favorite travel blogs and they’ll add them to the search engine.

I enter “living in Venice” here, and all I get are sweet, sweet travel blogs.

Try it for your next travel research session – MK, I expect a full report for your impending trip to Buenos Aires – and let me know how you do!


2 thoughts on “I Kango. You Kango, Too!

  1. thanks for the mention! Glad you are enjoying the search engine, this is a great review 🙂

    Appreciate the connection, looking forward to staying in touch….


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