Weekend in Paris: Executive Summary

The legendary Girls’ Weekend in Paris went swimmingly!

Some stats:

Combined miles traveled: 8,330

Meals eaten: 8

Dishes cooked, served, taken away and cleaned by someone else: 19

Scarves lost: 1

Scarves found, swung above head as entire bar cheered: 1

Nutella crepes consumed with great gusto by MK: 4

Topics discussed: 5,621

Miles walked: approx. 147

Bottles of wine drunk, paid for: 3

Bottles of wine drunk, stolen from next table: .5

Carafes of wine drunk: 3

Glasses of champagne drunk: 2

American diner breakfasts savored by me: 1

Times my French was corrected: 0

Celebrities in Us, People magazines that were unknown to either MK or myself: 23

Times hotel clerk swiped MK’s card, to no avail, because he wouldn’t listen to me: 442

Amount of money currently in my bank account: 0

Regrets: 0

4 thoughts on “Weekend in Paris: Executive Summary

  1. Speaking of unknown celebrities in Us Weekly…what the hell is the difference b/w Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus? I’m soooo confused

    Looks like you ladies had a super bad time…bad as in awesome

  2. Miley Cyrus is Hannah Montana…and is daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus…the mullet head who brought us ‘Achey Breaky Heart’. It’s sad that a 57-year old woman knows this. Miss Expatria, are (senior) internships available with you and do you think my IQ could benefit?

    MK looks as though she is ascending into Heaven as she bites into the Nutella crepe. As Jack would say, “I want that.”

  3. Merni, how do you know the difference between those two people?! I’m laughing so hard.

    Internships are always available! Whenever you find something you’d like me to write about, send it my way. I’m always looking for subject matter.

  4. Bern – we had SUCH a good time. I almost kidnapped her and took her back with me to Montpel! Sadly, I put her on the right train instead.

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