Fun With Blog Stats

I love looking at my blog stats. Not for the number of hits I get; whatever, they come and go, I’ll keep writing anyway – but for the hilarious peek into the minds of people who use search engines.

I’ve posted about this before, I know – but today’s are plain wacky and just too good to pass up. People who searched for the following things came upon my blog:


This no doubt brought a desperate man to Jason’s story – and he was no doubt disappointed in the distinct lack of both girls and their relative value.

i hate frances mayes
Honey! That’s such strong language. Oh wait, I hate her too.

how do you say poo head in italian
You know, with all the other stupid stuff I translated, I forgot poo head! I’ve actually never said that in Italian. Let’s see, it’d probably be “testa di merda” although that’s a bit stronger. I’ll have to check with the Gay Mafia and get back to you.

both shrug chilly and chilly shrug
I have no idea what this means. It sounds like a tiny rap star. I just Googled this myself, and I’m not even in the first 15 pages of results. Which means that someone not only had to work diligently to get to my page from this search, but did it twice.

Dagney Taggart where are you?
OMG so sad and wistful! She doesn’t really exist, though.

What to do in Paris on Mondays?
Lots of things – Ill let you know on Tuesday when I come back from my weekend with the famous MK!


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