Mission Accomplished: The Freedom Ship!

I have seen the future, and now I need a Dramamine.

My parents and their friends and cousins have been having to deal with retirement homes and nursing homes for the last 15 years or so, which has prompted them to think about how they want to spend their own retirement. This is when I had first heard of retirement cruises, which apparently is not an urban legend but an actual possibility for life after work. You book a room on a cruise and sail around the world chasing summer and feeling the sea breeze in your hair.

I like this idea. A lot. It feeds my travel obsession, and it plays nicely to my dream of never having a permanent home. It’s a hotel on the sea – two of my favorite things wrapped into one! And this article just seals the deal – breakfast in bed every day and free toiletries sounds just up my alley.

Then, Cal discovered the most amazingest of all amazings – THE FREEDOM SHIP. They cruise around the world every two years – meaning, it takes two eyars to complete the voyage, but you can live on it forever. According to the newest designs, you can land an airplane on the top of it and it will be four times longer than the Queen Mary. Which, if you remember the pictures, is a pretty fricking big ship.

According to their residential price list, a 1,200 sf apartment with a view of the water (why you’d live on a ship and NOT want a view of the water is beyond me) is $1,031,000 with a monthly maintenance of $1,882. Now, that might seem like a lot – but considering that could buy you a condo in Harlem, I’m opting for the round-the-world cruise.

Phew! At least I got my housing figured out. Now all I need is millions of dollars.


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