Ice Hotel – Very Cool

As I sit here bundled up in my MONTAUK – THE END sweatshirt, sweatpants and zebra slippers – oh, I am a sight to behold, I assure you – and check that we are in for at least two more days of this dreary, chilly weather, I lament being so cold.

Until I stumbled across ICEHOTEL.

Yes. It’s made entirely of ice. The beds are made of ice (and covered with reindeer skins for warmth). The bar stools are made of ice. Everything. Ice.

Not to take a pun too far, but there are several very cool things about this hotel.

1. It’s completely built from scratch every year, and then returned to the Torne River from whence it came. I like the environmentally friendly aspects of this, as well as the impermanence. It’s not just a place, it’s a time.

2. It’s 200 miles above the Arctic Circle. As a map maniac, this is awesome. As someone who prefers beaches, not so much.

3. Ice Church. Magnificent, and humbling, and proves that you don’t need to kneel at altars dripping with gold to say hello to God.

Things that are not so cool:

1. This page of information on HOW to sleep there. I don’t like my hotel rooms coming with instructions for use. Also – no doors on the rooms (just curtains), and you can’t bring your luggage with you because it will freeze. And, your room is a museum exhibit during the day, so you’d better be up and dressed by ten or your room will quickly fill up with tourists.

2. You’re 200 miles above the Arctic Circle – in winter.


I just checked the weather again, and our high is due to be 65 degrees. I’ll stop whining about the cold, thanks.


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