Around the World in 80… Airports

The Old Grey Lady had an article recently about traveling on a single, round the world ticket. Michelle Higgins fills the article with enough facts and numbers to choke a horse, but it’s compelling reading worth a perusal.

I’d like to discuss two things that caught my eye about this article. The first one is about The Lost Girls, “Three twenty-something New Yorkers who ditched their media jobs to embark on a yearlong, round-the-world journey in search of adventure and inspiration.” They’ve long since finished their trip, but their blog remains an ode to women everywhere who have had interesting travel experiences. The link above is a practical guide to taking it on the road for a spell, but I find this post to be infinitely more inspirational, if a little Bridget-Jones-y at points. In any case, I highly recommend an afternoon of losing yourself in their tale.

The second thing about the Higgins article I loved were the last lines:

And if you’re trying to see the world in three weeks or less, “travel westward,” said Eimerd Evertsen, owner and president of Air Brokers International based in San Francisco. “In general, it’s easier on the body to travel with the rotation of the earth.”

I have never heard this! Although from personal experience, you get over jet lag a hell of a lot easier flying Paris-New York than New York-Paris. I decided to do a little digging, and found the answer on a soccer website, of all things:

Direction of travel: This affects the severity of jet lag. It is easier to cope with flying in a westward direction as the body’s rhythms can catch-up quicker when the day is artificially lengthened due to the natural circadian rhythm being longer than 24 hours.

I love learning new things. Don’t you?


One thought on “Around the World in 80… Airports

  1. Oddly, I haven’t had jet lag traveling from California to Rome. Once I was on the ground I did a lot of walking around in the sunshine, excited to be there. My jet lag seems to hit me when I travel back to California and I end up with wonky sleeping hours. I spend a week trying to sleep past 2 am.

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