Where in the World to Spend New Year’s Eve

Budget Travel is featuring a really fun Top Ten list – the top ten places to spend New Year’s Eve.

Now, normally I don’t love top ten lists. They always sound like they’re written by the PR team of each hotel, spa, city, event or restaurant. But these parties – well, they just plain sound like fun!

I will be spending New Year’s Eve at my friend Fiona’s house. We’re going to sing loudly, look at the stars through her telescope, and make and eat our favorite elaborate hors d’oeuvres. Cal will be hosting a boys’ night at our house, featuring Guitar Hero and junk food.

I, for one, cannot WAIT for 2008. 2007 was a year of life-altering shitstorms for everyone I know, to a person. MK is the only one I know who had a good year – even though, with the arrival of her second child, it was life-altering as well.

That being said, 2007 seems to have prepared us for 2008 – so I say, bring it on. I am so grateful to be feeling prepared for whatever the universe throws my way this year – mostly because I know it’s going to be amazing, fun challenges filled with growth and excitement.


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