My Favorite Hotels

I love eating cold sandwiches wrapped in tin foil. It is such a sense memory thing.

I am thinking of great hotel rooms in my time, in no order:

Helmsley Middletown, NYC. My old company booked me in a room when they made me come to NY and I got upgraded to a suite, with a living room and everything. And there was my favorite Indian restaurant downstairs that delivered. I felt like a rock star, or a presidential candidate. I made my best friend Katie come and stay over and it was so glamorous.

Kansas City Radisson. I wish I could find a link, because it was a big, old hotel, but it looks like it doesn’t exist anymore. Three of the moms went in on a connecting suite of rooms that had a living room in the middle. They wanted some semblance of orderly life for us. We would all eat cereal and watch Gidget every morning on the living room’s TV, which I remember being enormous in some kind of cabinet. It was the last of the great old hotels in the grand style. My dad came to visit us and he met someone in the elevator there who he fished with on our beach in OC. This is a common occurrence among the men in my family.

Bellevue Stratford, Philly. We were originally booked at the Drake but it was dark and gloomy and my mom knew people would be coming to visit us since we were so close to home. The room at the Bellevue had an automatic shoe shiner and I remember it looking like Versailles, I remember the ceilings being so high. We used to order room service and it would come up covered in those silver domes and with china and silver and linen. The next city was Boston and the hotel was kind of a dive, and when we ordered room service it came from the diner and was in Styrofoam containers. My mom and I would look at each other and sigh.

La Casa Sul Mare, Procida. All white stucco and light and space, with private terrace overlooking the bay and with a view of the fishing village and Capri beyond. Breakfast:

Image hosting by Photobucket

That’s taken by ME, that is our ACTUAL BREAKFAST EXPERIENCE.

Hotel Britannique, Paris. I stayed there for one glorious night before being stuck at the Ibis hotel at the airport for a week trying to get a flight home on standby during the end of the Tour de France, the beginning of August vacation, and BA going on strike. Oh and it was the hottest summer ever. Anyway, the Hotel Britannique has deep marble tubs and winsome balconies. Lovely.

Hotel Niza, San Sebastian. I was taken up to my room and they opened the shutters and there was the most glorious view of the Bay of Biscay. I spent an entire afternoon laying on the bed looking out at the bay. This was also during my most glamorous, jet setting travel stint ever, featuring a drive to Biarritz just for lunch and a flight to London just for dinner and underwear shopping.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Eurostars Grand Marina Hotel, Barcelona. A pillow menu, a bathroom bigger than my mothers kitchen, a view of the cruise ships coming in from the sea, top shelf luxury all the way.

Hotel West End, Nice. See that corner window, on the upper left? The one at the very top? Yeah. Mine. For a whole weekend. Got a great deal on that suite, and it was SWEET. Views to die for. Room service every day. Worth every centime.


6 thoughts on “My Favorite Hotels

  1. well hello miss!!
    I need your help!
    Going to Rome for the first time in a few weeks, and was wondering if you could recommend some hotels, not too pricey??
    Thank you!
    Gavin and Lisa

  2. Do you know, I’ve never actually stayed in a hotel in Rome?! I’d go on, select Rome, and then choose the map view. It’ll give you neighborhoods. Here are my neighborhood selections in order of preference:

    Colosseo Foro Romano – You cannot get any more central than here, and at the same time it’s got a lot of great streets and very Roman, but you can find some great deals.

    Trastevere – A schlep to anything but the Vatican, but awesome neighborhood and VERY VERY old school Roman.

    San Lorenzo – my old ‘hood, and you won’t see a tourist in sight. At all. This is good if you really want to feel like you live there. There’s only basically the tram line and the 71 bus out of the neighborhood – it’s on the other side of the tracks, literally – but it’s just an amazing neighborhood.

    STAY AWAY from Termini (Repubblica on the map, and Marsala on the map).

  3. London hotel business is booming this day, and among them courthouse hotel is being like the most by Guests. I think the main reason would be because it comes under the Kempinski Group, which is 1 of the biggest group of hotel chain in the world.

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