Miss Expatria’s 2008 Wish List

Follows my ultimate wish/goal list for 2008.

Reality be damned. I’m shooting for the stars here.

1. I want to get my book published as part of a two-book deal, with me a hefty advance to write the sequel.

2. I want to move to Italy. I’ll let the universe decide where in that country, since I clearly can’t.

2A. I keep having this sneaky feeling, however, that the universe is conspiring to make us move to some other place, not in Europe or the U.S. If so, bring it on.

2B. Just get me out of France, universe.

3. I want to travel to someplace I’ve never been, someplace utterly foreign to me. I’m tired of knowing everything about the places I visit.

4. I want to spend a month this summer living in Barceloneta.

5. I want a new wardrobe, every piece of which I love and makes me feel beautiful.

6. I want a maid to clean my home once a week.

7. I want to view something of breathtaking beauty every day.

8. I want to drink more champagne.

9. I want to go on a real vacation on a beach for one week.

10. I want to eat only delicious things of extreme freshness.


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