Travel Gifts

Have you been wondering what to get your favorite travel addict for Christmas? Let Miss Expatria be your personal shopper this holiday season!

1. The Moleskine City Notebook. I’ve asked for a few of these myself this Christmas! They make a perfect send-off gift as well – write something on one of the pages for your traveler to find while they’re away.

2. The Smart Traveler’s Passport. If you took every piece of advice in this book you’d have to pack a steamer trunk, but with 339 tips for the traveler included in this book you’re sure to find a few that will make your trip more comfortable and efficient.

3. The L.L. Bean Boat and Tote Bag. My grandmother won’t set out on the six-hour drive to my parents’ house without her trusty Bean bag. I have several, in different sizes and strap lengths. They are indestructible. They are iconic. They have light-colored interiors for easy searching. I use one as my carry-on, and when I get to my destination I dump everything out and use it for anything from a beach bag to carrying treats for a picnic. I cannot recommend this product highly enough.

4. A tray-style change purse. And this “purse” is appropriate for men, as well! I like this style because you can easily see what kind of change you have, without having to dump everything on the counter and elicit weary sighs from the growing line behind you. Or, if you’re traveling and have no idea what the hell currency you have, you can open it and show it to the clerk without them digging around in there.

5. Travel light. NO, it’s not a suggestion – this is a credit card-sized light that never burns out. For finding something in a dark-colored bag; checking for something without turning on the overhead light on a plane, waking your neighbor and incurring their wrath; finding a keyhole in the dark; navigating a dark cobblestone street; the uses are endless.

6. Travel alarm clock. You can use this as an alarm clock, but I don’t wear a watch, and sometimes I travel to where my cell phone doesn’t work – it’s a good way to just know what time it is.

7. A subscription to the Economist. It’s simply the best way to keep on top of what is happening in this crazy, mixed-up world.

8. Any quad band cell phone. They can be used all over the world. It’ll cost you, but when you really want the security of being able to pick up a phone and call someone, it’s worth every penny.


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