World Maps, Pregnant Women in the Antarctic, the Azores, and Flags

As my gentle readers will know, Miss Expatria has a deep and abiding love for maps.

I particularly like having a map of the world very near my bed. I fall asleep looking at it, and laze around in bed after waking up, looking at it. And when you do that as much as I do, you notice some things:

1. The named locations in the Antarctic crack me up. It’s not like there were ever any indigenous people there, so everything is named after whoever first step foot there. The most interesting of these, by far, is Dome C.

2. The second picture on this link pretty much sums up how I always saw Dome C in my mind. Either that, or the X-Files movie.

1A. I just read that link above. Did you know that children have been born in Antarctica? First off, holy passport problems. Secondly, if I was a pregnant woman in the Antarctic, at some point I’d look around and think, “OK, ‘bye.”

2. During the last century, when I lived in an enormous loft in TriBeCa with three other girls in what family and friends could only describe as a very Friends-like existence, I had a world map on my wall, and one day while gazing at it longingly, I noticed the strangest thing. I called one of my roommates in to ask her if she had ever known there were a bunch of islands in the middle of the Atlantic. “Yes,” she replied. “I’ve actually dated someone from there.”

Anyway, James Martin from makes it sound like every flight in the world stops there, which is not true, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

3. Many world maps, and I think all of the ones I have ever owned, have a strip across the bottom that shows the flags of the world. Don’t click on that link unless you are a dork like me and have a lot of free time. I find flags fascinating, and you should, too.

Oh, crap. It’s Monday, and I forgot Monday Morning Coffee Stories. Oh well. Y’all probably just came back from traveling anyway for the holiday weekend. I’ll give you a good story tomorrow when you’re more awake!


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