Blind Date With The World – Global Scavenger Hunt

Miss Expatria is not rugged.

I do not own a backpack of any sort. I prefer heated towels in my lavish hotel bathrooms. I have never, ever slept on a mat, or outside in nature. Nature is something you gaze at from your balcony whilst holding a cocktail.

But oh, oooooooh, how I would LOVE to do this.

In the event’s own words, from their website:

“Our annual GreatEscape event is an around-the-world travel adventure competition, a true cultural immersion, that will take selected Teams of two on an exciting international travel adventure. It is A Blind Date With The World™ of exotic discovery and cultural immersion over a three week period. The Global Scavenger Hunt™ is an annual international competition where prize money is awarded and The World’s Greatest Travelers™ is crowned annually.

Each of our annual events are major media magnet events that helped raise funds for worthy international causes. Unlike the reality shows on television that feed the passive, voyeuristic tendencies of couch potatoes, all the annual events allowed its contestants to actively participate in our Global Village on an extraordinary adventure for all the right reasons.”

This interests me so much, I would even get in shape for it. Honest to God.

Too bad it costs a kabillion fricking dollars to do it. But, it doesn’t stop me fro fantasizing about it:

My top choice as partner would be Queen Mum of Travel, MK. We’d be like a well-oiled machine. Second choice would be Anu, because she has lived in probably half the countries they’ll choose for the adventure, so we’ll be set. Third would be Katie, simply because even when we messed up, we’d do it in style.



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