Terrifying Airplane Landings

Gentlest reader Cyntata has alerted me to quite possibly the most terrifying plane landing I have seen since 9/11.  I’m not saying that as a joke – all kinds of crazy panicky feelings came up when I watched it.  But, watch it I did – over, and over, and over again.

Apparently, a vacation on St. Maarten can be an adventure before even touching the ground.

Watch it here.

And here.

Check out a seashell’s view of it.

Although I have to say, it doesn’t look as terrifying from the cockpit. And the takeoff is just plain gorgeous.

This one, however, makes me wonder what on earth the people on the beach are possibly getting out of this. I mean, I’m sure St. Maarten’s fabulously-named airport is no JFK in terms of air traffic, but I don’t see how having a 747 fly 14 feet above your head could be in any way relaxing.

I sincerely hope this has been more on the thrilling side and less on the PTSD side.


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