Of Flight Patterns and Satellites and Maps

This post from a guy named Hoon is absolutely mesmerizing. He has done amazing things with some sort of technology that I can’t begin to understand, but he’s made a dreamy landscape of America through 24 hours of flight patterns. It’s perfect to watch first thing on a lazy Saturday morning.

Also, he is in Cinque Terre right now, and his photographs are making me swoon.

I’m a photograph nut, and I’m a map fiend. Anytime those two things come together, I’m all over it. Also, anything that lets me feel like an international spy hacker girl is pretty cool, too – but then again, so is knowing how to do ctrl/alt/delete on my laptop.

Here are some other catnip sites I absolutely adore:

NASA hasn’t put us back on the moon yet, and frankly they’re having a hard time getting the stuff they do have to stay in the sky at all – but hot damn, can they do pictures. Their Visible Earth website has over 102,000 images to peruse and ogle at the Big Blue Marble we live on.

Google Earth makes me hyperventilate. I have lost entire days playing on Google Earth.

And, of course, Google Maps is more fun than you can shake a stick at. There are many detractors, and I feel their pain – I mean, how did they actually DO that thing where it rides down your street?? – but when I tell people where I live, I kind of get a blank stare. So, I simply send them a series of screen shots from Google Maps – right down to my house, if need be – and suddenly it all becomes clear.

The other thing I love about it is the hybrid satellite and street map. I have played guessing games with that feature, looking at a satellite picture and seeing if I can figure out street names based on what I see, and then clicking on the hybrid to see if I am right.

Why, yes; yes, I do have a lot of free time.

While I don’t love the rubbernecking aspect of it, satellite pictures of storms have always fascinated me. And now thanks to Reuters, you can enter a place and an emergency (!) and it’ll give you satellite images of the event. As a young’un I used to track hurricanes on grid paper, dreaming of just this very kind of technology.

Alright, I am all geeked out for the weekend. See you on Monday, when we have another installment of the ever-popular Monday Morning Coffee Stories!


3 thoughts on “Of Flight Patterns and Satellites and Maps

  1. Miss Expatria,

    I have a friend who is looking for the “Greenwich Village” of Paris. She is currently looking in the Latin Quarter. What is your recommendation??

  2. Unfortunately I did not create the air flight patterns, someone else did. Fortunately I did go to Cinque Terre and take the photos myself. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks for linking.

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