The Tough Decisions: Hotel or Vacation Apartment?

Miss Expatria’s gentle readers already know of my fierce and abiding love for hotels. But today, I came across an interesting argument for vacation apartments – and this has prompted me to give full disclosure:



It’s like a mother’s love for her children – I love them both equally, and I’d defend either one of them to the death. For me, it comes down to why I have chosen to go on a particular vacation.

There are times when I need to forget about my life for a few days – and so I book myself into a fabulous suite on the beach (yes, I’ve had that corner room on the top floor, darlings) and order room service and have maids pick up after me and just zone out and look at the Med. I’ve also done this here. Oh, and also, here. Then there was that one time when I stayed here.

I’m a big fan of this type of vacation.

However, there are times when I choose to spend a week or more in a city, and really get a feel for it. I want to know what it’s like to blend in and become anonymous in that place. I like doing familiar tasks and chores in a new living space, and feel like I am living someone else’s life for a while.

For vacations like these, you want a really beautiful apartment in which to set up your week-long pretend life. For example, I once rented this place for almost a month, and it was delightful.

I urge you to keep vacation apartments in mind when planning your next trip. But, don’t forget the advantages of a hotel!

Some parting words to help you decide – the most important thing to think about is how you see yourself each morning while on your trip. Are you traipsing through the local market carrying a wicker shopping basket filled with fresh produce and flowers, then joking with the locals at a cafe? Or, are you awakened by the arrival of someone bringing you a $30 omelet?


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