Forgotten Churches of Italy

I have been a huge fan of Stuck in Customs for a while now. I am WAY too dense to understand how he makes his photographs look the way they do, but every day brings an incredible view of the world – and I mean all over the world.

One of my favorite subjects of his photographs are the Forgotten Churches of Italy. I’ve been in a church or two in my time, and these pictures just make them look freaky and fantastical.

Another reason why I love this guy’s photographs has nothing to do with them, actually: he is the president of something called John Galt Games. The website makes it look like a CIA front, but with a name like that, well – I get where this guy is coming from.

And, I just plain love his photographs.


One thought on “Forgotten Churches of Italy

  1. Yes, I too love the photography and its a good habit to present the images and I have gone through the link in the article which lead me to a wonderful moments of my life because the photos are awesome! and breathtaking for me and I’m glad to find your post. Thank you.

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