Who Needs Cable? Lonely Planet Television

Ah, the Internets. Sure, it’s the home of goatse (if you think I am linking to that, think again) and ottoman-humpers, but it’s also a place where I can lose myself for hours while learning about how people live – I mean, really LIVE. Discovering that there are people out there just like me, who like to do, think and experience what I like – no matter what it is at that moment that’s holding my fascination.

Which is why I love Lonely Planet Television. Go there, now, and by the time you surface again, the day will be half over.

I particularly love this video, by a man who defines his home not by “where,” but by “when.” The clip reminds me a tinsy bit of those ADM or GE commercials during Sunday morning political shows, but ultimately it moves me to say, YES, EXACTLY.

(Update: It’s not letting me embed, but I implore you to watch it here.)


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