Austin Considine, You Had Me at “Sheikdom”

Miss Expatria has a fetish for newspapers. Sure, it’s nice to get news online, what with the links and all – and I love the immediate gratification of an email to the editor. But noting beats the smell, sound and feeling of unbridled power of snapping a fold into an actual, real-live newspaper.

The New York Times is, of course, my paper of choice. The Old Grey Lady and I go way back; we’ve spent many lazy Sundays in bed together, pausing in our pleasure only to curse the existence of Will Shortz.

Now that I am far away from bagels, Barney’s and boroughs, I take solace in long, sunny afternoons with a citron presse and The Lady’s more worldly sister, The International Herald Tribune.

But all of this may change, thanks to you, Austin. Your article of 10/14 is a model of travel writing: a touch of glamour, a lot of useful information, and one delicious photo that says it all.

Also, you use words like “glitter,” “sparkle,” and “superstars” – all above the fold of my scroll button. Fabulous!

So, thank you, Austin – and see you at the Rotana!


2 thoughts on “Austin Considine, You Had Me at “Sheikdom”

  1. I was staying in Brooklyn a few years ago with Mr. Pants and his old dear friend, Ms. Expatria, came for a visit. We all went out for some drinks to celebrate her arrival. Along the way she found an early edition of the Sunday Times. She carried the paper around all night like a baby. She was glowing as she told us how she would spend the next morning in bed with her Times; and warned us that she would not be available until early afternoon at the earliest. Hilarious!

  2. It’s true, I remember that. I think I even have photos. Receiving that paper that evening was one of the highlights of my life, no kidding.

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